Fluffyfolds & Ausbrit Cattery

Fluffyfolds & Ausbrit Cattery

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We are a strictly closed cattery. This means we do not allow cats owned by other people into our cattery (including not limited to stud service) and we limit the number of visitors to our cattery for the health and safety of our cats and their kittens.

On this page you can meet our current stud boys:

Keturah Blue Burbry


Pet Name: BlueBerry
Blue British Shorthair

Blueberry brings her own style and charm to the cattery. She will be a fantastic asset to us boasting beautiful lines.

Keturah Vanilla


Pet Name: Milky White
Blue Eyes White British

Milky white is just the most beautiful girl we have ever seen! Her temperament matches her beautiful looks and the piercing blue eyes are amazing.

Fluffyfolds Postman Pats Cat


Pet Name: Jess
Black & White British

Jess is a beautiful little homebred girl. She is every bit as sweet as she looks and will bring some colour to our program.

Skymara Roses


Pet Name: Rosalina
Blue British

Rosie is a beautiful compact girl, boasting beautiful imported lines. We have high hopes for Rosie in our program.

Keturah Lady Frozen


Pet Name: Snow White
Orange Eyed White British

Snow white is probably the biggest asset we have had to our program, with her ability to produce white kittens with Orange and odd eyes and her ability to also produce solid blue kittens too.

Ausbrit Labyrinth 

Ausbrit Labyrinth

Pet Name: Bowie
Odd-Eye White British

“Bowie” being our first odd eye and the first of her colour in Australia is going to kick off our odd eye breeding program with great success.

She has already shown much potential on the show bench and has already stared in a Kmart Catalogue and an Optimum pet food campaign.