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Fluffyfolds & Ausbrit Cattery

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About Us

Our names are Barb & Austin.

We are a mother and son team who live in Melbourne, Victoria.

Barb comes from a farming background and has also bred and shown horses and fox terriers in the past. Many of which have gone on to achieve Royal Show wins and many champion titles.

Barb is also experienced in Equine vet nursing and husbandry and has also studied Psychology and Human Behaviour.

After seeing a Scottish Fold at a cat show in 2001, Barb decided to adopt one of these gorgeous cats for “show purposes” – of course, this led to the decision to commence breeding this amazing breed, and FluffyFolds was born in 2002. 

In 2003, Barb was blessed with a baby boy, Austin.


Austin has had our family pets in his life since the moment he arrived home from the hospital. Despite his limitations due to high functioning autism, he is extremely passionate about showing his beloved cats, animal rescue and is currently studying with the intent on being a Vet Nurse.

In 2023 we registered an additional prefix, Ausbrit, and commenced breeding British exclusively via this prefix.