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At FluffyFolds Cattery we are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

Due to the nature of our employment, the implications to our cattery should we get sick and as per Victorian State Government instructions,
we have made the decision to cease meet and greet visits during the current pandemic.

In lieu of meet and greets we will be endeavouring to post images and videos of our kittens more frequently on our Facebook Page.

If your kitten is ready to collect during the pandemic: there will be strict social distancing and hand sanitising procedures to follow.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our cats is paramount during this time and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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About Us

Our names are Barb & Austin.

We are a mother and son team who live in Melbourne, Victoria.

Barb comes from a farming background and has also bred and shown horses and fox terriers in the past. Many of which have gone on to achieve Royal Show wins and many champion titles.

Barb is also experienced in Equine vet nursing and husbandry, and has also studied Psychology and Human Behaviour.

After seeing a Scottish Fold at a cat show in 2001, Barb decided to adopt one of these gorgeous cats for "show purposes" - of course, this led onto the decision to commence breeding this amazing breed, and FluffyFolds was born in 2002.

In 2003, Barb and her husband Colin were blessed with a baby boy, Austin.

Austin has had our family pets in his life since the moment he arrived home from the hospital. Despite his limitations due to high functioning autism, he is extremely passionate about showing his beloved cats, animal rescue and is currently studying with the intent on being a Vet Nurse.

Cattery of Excellence Certificate

Our Breeding Program

We are proudly registered with Australian National Cats Inc. (Member number: 8650) and attend as many ANCATS run shows as we possibly can.

To view upcoming ANCATS shows please view the ANCATS show calendar here

Please be aware: If we have a cat due to give birth, or have family commitments, we do not attend some shows. If you are wishing to meet up with us at a show, please contact us via the Contact Us portion of this page, or via private message on our Facebook page to confirm whether or not we will be attending the show you are wishing to attend.

All our kittens are raised within our family home so they are used to standard household noises like vacuum cleaners (although many do still dislike this sound!), are well socialised with people, other cats and both small and large dogs.

Our kittens are typically ready to go to their new homes at approximately 12-14 weeks of age.

We are a strictly closed cattery. This means we do not allow cats owned by other people into our cattery and we limit the number of visitors to our cattery for the health and safety of our cats and their kittens.

We pride ourselves in breeding healthy kittens free from genetic defects.

Therefore, all our cats are tested before becoming part of our breeding program. This testing process begins when a kitten intended for breeding purposes first arrives at our cattery. Before they are allowed out of isolation, they are blood tested for: Feline Leukemia Virus (FELV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) by our vet.

We then perform DNA tests with the assistance of Orivet for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

If a kitten passes these initial tests with negative results, they will be considered for our breeding program. However, the process does not end there!

Once the kitten reaches the age they are considered to be fully grown (IE adult), they are X-Rayed for Osteochondrodysplasia (spinal abnormalities).

It is only after we have a clear X-Ray it is determined the cat will remain with FluffyFolds as part of our breeding program.

Colours currently bred by us include:

These colours can be in: solid, tabby, silver tabby or even bi-colour.
On occasion we do have other colours as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

This website was updated on: 13 August 2021